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finding an escort easier with the new website

Welcome to our new website.

Finding an Escort collage

Finding an Escort has become a lot easier.

We’ve been busy, Exclusive Girlfriends are pleased to announce the release of the new site.  It’s hoped you enjoy the fresh new looking user friendly layout and easier site navigation. Equally important, 100% genuine photographs certainly add visual appeal. Not just eye candy. These girls can be booked at your convenance.

Furthermore, galleries for each girlfriend have been added with pictures that open in all there splendour. Another key point for 2018 is the intension is to include more video’s, these will also display full screen if you so wish.

It’s been developed with the user in mind and to show case our amazing girlfriends. Our current escorts can be viewed here. We positively encourage a conversation so please feel free to get in touch.For additional information, check our price page  and Frequently asked questions, FAQ’s.

Not to mention comments have been enabled. Similarly,  follow us on social media. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The site should render well in most popular screen sizes ( including mobile ) and browsers. Media queries resolve previous issues with site user experience. Exclusive Girlfriends hope you enjoy the new experience and make the process of choosing / booking you preferred escort a whole lot easier.

Enjoy Exclusive Girlfriends Site Icon Exclusive Girlfriends

3 thoughts on “New website

  1. One thought does occur to me: on mobile it can be difficult to get the photos into slide show mode. Usually just brings just the pic tapped on up. Being able to see the full size images is a very nice feature though

    1. Thank you for the feedback on the new Exclusive Girlfriend’s website. Yes! The slide show feature wasn’t flowing very well on mobile phones but like you said the full size images do look great.

  2. New website is much nicer than the older one, especially now you have more photos up. It’s fantastic being able to see the rota too

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