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quoteCourtney A rather special young lady, beautiful, with a great sense of humour, intelligent relaxed conversation and highly skilled. Thank you. x

–  Peter, March 18th 2018

quoteThe double domme with Courtney and Lara was mind blowing. They both had real chemistry with each other and delivered perfection. An amazing evening xx

–  Lewis, January 11th 2018

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quoteGorgeous and a very classy lady.  Lucy took very good care of me and I can’t wait to enjoy her company again.

–  Mike, October 11th 2017

quoteI’ve been seeing Lucy fairly regularly for the past 4 years. For me she is a benchmark against which every escort is compared. To be clear, I have not had a single bad experience at exclusive girlfriends. I would recommend all of those I have met. But for me Lucy is hands down the best. She puts you at ease, is personable, warmly friendly and involved in your time together. She is knock dead gorgeous, sensual, erotic, sexy as all hell. Entertaining, genuine and in the room with you. In 4 years I have not experienced a moment when her attention was off elsewhere…. And every time I have seen her has been better than the last. Which was bloody amazing to begin with. Be good to her, and she will blow you away.

–  Matthew, April 21st 2018

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