Any other massage parlour Guildford, Woking offer such quality ?

Considering an Exclusive Girlfriend Experience ? Lucy simply passionate, erotic, sensual and breath taking ! As a result, giving pleasure is what Lucy does best.

Furthermore she loves her job, looking after gentlemen and clients. Self confidence is Sexy. Intellect , aura and character we believe also are vital components that influence sex appeal.

One sexy pussycat, Lucy can be considered an  exceptionally classy lady who really has mastered the art of seduction. Check out Lucy’s testimonials. Since she has a body to die for.

Offering the Exclusive Girlfriend Experience thats second to none.

This high class escort, always perfectly groomed from head to toe and under her dress. To illustrate there will always be pretty matching underwear sets with stockings.

The perfect balance of romance and adventure Lucy really  show’s, via feedback, the potential to address and inspire ALL of your erotic fantasies. Furthermore, Lucy is also available together with Victoria. Lucy lives her sexual adventure and is without a doubt a true Exclusive Girlfriend Experience.

 Lucy, Exclusive Girlfriend Woking, which picture is your favourite ?

Why waste money on expensive hotels for out-calls Surrey. Just call us on,

07469 672634 to make an appointment with Lucy. An exceptional escort.

18 thoughts on “Lucy

  1. Lucy – thank you so much for being a beautiful, life-affirming person, real and genuine, warm, tender, incredibly sexy. Thank you for shared pleasure (deep pleasure) and intimacy, for being lovely …

  2. I’ve been seeing Lucy fairly regularly for the past 4 years. For me she is a benchmark against which every escort is compared. To be clear, I have not had a single bad experience at exclusive girlfriends. I would recommend all of those I have met. But for me Lucy is hands down the best. She puts you at ease, is personable, warmly friendly and involved in your time together. She is knock dead gorgeous, sensual, erotic, sexy as all hell. Entertaining, genuine and in the room with you. In 4 years I have not experienced a moment when her attention was off elsewhere. Maybe it’s a natural chemistry, but like I said, she is simply the best. And every time I have seen her has been better than the last. Which was bloody amazing to begin with. Be good to her, and she will blow you away.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with Matthew here, Lucy is nothing short of phenomenal in every respect, thank you Lucy

  3. So, it’s just over two hours since I walked out of the care of Lucy and Victoria, and, wow. That’s an hour of my life that will replay in the highlight reel of my life. Absolutely amazing time, thank you to the both of you. It’s incredible that I could still walk…

  4. Hi Lucy, hope you are good? So sad not been able to see you recently but getting to you is a bit of an issue at the moment. Still have very fond memories and hope to see you again soon. Hugs and kisses

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